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Fire Evacuation Schemes

Under the “Fire Safety and Evacuation of Buildings Regulations 2006” most commercial and public buildings are now required to have a “Fire Evacuation Scheme” accepted and registered by the NZ Fire Service (NZFS).
Fire & Building Compliance will assist you to decide if a registered fire evacuation scheme is required.

We will remove all fire evacuation compliance concerns from the client by providing a complete and seamless service.

The new Health and Safety regulations have stirred a lot of interest in the requirement for NZ Fire Service registered Fire Evacuation Schemes. Many building owners and occupants are not aware that registered fire evacuation schemes are required in most buildings that are not single unit dwellings.

In recent months we at Fire and Building compliance are providing the service of applying to the NZ Fire Service for an increasing number of fire evacuation schemes as people are becoming more aware of their importance. Imagine what would happen if a fire was to break out and people were confused about where to go and what to do. As well as setting the fire evacuation scheme in place Fire and Building Compliance will provide the initial training and the required ongoing 6 monthly fire evacuation practice drills.



Application to NZFS for the Fire Evacuation Scheme

Compilation and installation of all signage and documentation

Training of fire wardens and staff

To conduct the 6 monthly Fire Evacuation Drills

Reporting and liaison with NZFS

Does my building require a fire evacuation scheme?

If, as owner or occupier of the building you:

  • Gather together, for any purpose, of 100 or more persons

  • Provide employment facilities for 10 or more persons

  • Provide accommodation for more than 5 persons

  • Store or process hazardous substances in quantities exceeding prescribed minimum amounts

  • Provide early childhood facilities

  • Provide nursing, medical or geriatric care

  • Provide specialised care for people with disabilities

  • Provide accommodation for persons under lawful detention

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