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Building Warrants of Fitness

Fire & Building Compliance are experienced IQP practitioners in Building Warrant of Fitness and maintain in-depth knowledge of the Building Act 2004, Building Code and other relevant regulatory requirements.

We provide a “one-stop-shop”

Manage the complete Building Warrant of Fitness process on your behalf

Provide a professional, seamless and stress-free service

Liaise with councils on your behalf to identify and facilitate the management of all relevant requirements

Contract and manage other regular maintenance contractors

Supply Building Warrant of Fitness Logbook

Ensure training and ongoing support is provided for business owners regarding their Building Warrant of Fitness responsibilities

Provide specified owners inspections where required

See below for the Specified Systems that Fire & Building Compliance are IQP registered to check, maintain and sign off.


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Fire Alarms &
Emergency Lighting

As a part of our BWoF service, Fire & Building Compliance provide the required compliance checking and remedial service.

Backflow Preventers

Fire & Building Compliance provide the service for the annual test of any backflow preventers at your property.

IQP Registered for Signs and Escape Routes

SS1.2 – Automatic Systems for Fire Suppression
SS2 – Fire Alarms
SS4 – Emergency Lighting
SS7 – Backflow Prevention
SS14.2 – Signs
SS15.2 – Exits
SS15.3 – Fire Separation
SS15.4 – Signs for Communicating Information to Facilitate Evacuation
SS15.5 – Smoke Separation

If you would like to download further documentation and regulatory guidelines. You can here.


Imagine yourself in a strange multi-storey building where you have never been before. A hotel or apartment building and you are sound asleep in the early hours. The fire alarm sounds and wakes you up from a deep sleep. You are still half asleep as you worry if you look decent and are confused about what direction to take out of the room let alone the strange corridors you only half remember.

There is smoke around and you are not sure where it is coming from. The smoke is starting to make you choke. Where do I go to escape this? I wish I had taken a better look at the evacuation instructions in my room!

Ah, the green EXIT light. I’ll go there. I hope the door opens. Whew, that’s better as I enter the evacuation stairwell that is separated from smoke and fire. I go down several flights of stairs that are illuminated with battery-operated emergency lighting now the power has been cut off with the fire.

At last. I have reached ground level. Here’s another lit green emergency EXIT light.

Ah! I’m outside. A fire warden is ushering me to the fire assembly point with the other people.

What would have happened if the fire alarm didn’t go, the emergency lighting didn’t kick in when the electricity was cut off and it was pitch black dark.

If you couldn’t open the emergency Final Exit doors to escape, if there was a breach in the fire and smoke wall in the stairway safe path.

The result may have been quite different if Fire & Building Compliance was not ensuring the compliance and functionality of these features in the Building Warrant of Fitness were being met!

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